About Me

I am full stack web developers specialized in building websites and web apps with latest and new power full technology such as React JS, Redux, Express JS, Node JS, Firebase, Mongo BD, Material UI etc.


I'm up to building fully responsive websites and web applications using plain HTML without relying on a framework.


CSS is my favourite tool in Web Development. I enjoy using it to beautify my projects and play with it creating CSS illustrations.


I'm amazed by the power of Sass. I enjoy using it to cut down on lines of code and the time of a project maintenance.


Fully responsive website with some sliders, modal windows and a custom grid are not a problem for me to build.


I've a solid knowledge of JS including ES6 and improve it daily by using it to refactor some old projects and building new ones.


Learned fundamentals of this library and used it together with Redux and Styled Components in one of the projects.


Redux most powerful state management library, best compatible with React JS. It is my favourite framework, not to mention the beautifully written documentation.

Material UI

I love to use Material UI. for clean and mordern design web application Visual effects and documentation is so informative


All my latest projects are supported by Git. I use it to publish, maintain my work and for teaming up with other devs.

Express JS

I know the fundamentals of this framework. I've used it in to develop Backend code of twitter clone project. I love its structure and features.


I am using firebase database for my current projects. Firebase firestore is supper convenient and powerful database for object-based data. I love its structure and features.

Mongo DB

It is also convenient and powerful database to deal with object base data. I love its documentation. I did few projects using this database.

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...how it all started

My coding journey started from 2015 when I was in 1st year student at UNIMAS doing introduction to C programming course. I did several projects using various languages such as C, C++, Java, Object Oriented Programming, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Bootstrap, SQL, MySQL, PHP etc. when i was UNIMAS student. I love and passionate about web programming moreover come up with new business idea with ecommerce. I love ecommerce I did several project on ecommerce including Shopify drop-shipping. I love to adopt new technology. New technology always brings the flexibility with new features for us so why not we will take the advantages. .

Digital marketing is one of my favourite field, I love to do Facebook, Instagram ads, YouTube ads and company branding digitally. I always love work and give my best efforts with these field discussed above.

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...a few words about

Ilike to develop web products with my web development skills rather than traditional coding. I love to solve problem with coding. Currently I love to do project with Node JS, Express JS, REST full API, Firebase Database, React JS, Redux, React Router 4, Material UI. I choose full stack development because I love to do. Some of the modern Java Script languages are so much powerful such as node JS React and React Native.

All my projects are fully responsive. These technologies will be the game changer for web. I will love to work with these technologies.

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...life beyond coding

My hobbies are driving, playing gym and listening songs. Working with computer for long it is matter of boringness to maintain my workflow I listen to music when I become bored. When I have time, I go hangout with my friends and having fun. This will make me happy. Car driving is one of favourite hobby I love to drive the car especially beside the mountain where cloud touch the top of the mountain with listing music, that is great feelings for me.